ASK-NCQ1338 and Router
So I am having some trouble here and am seeking some advise.
I have the 5g Router from Verizon ASK-NCQ1338 "rectangle". It works great but the 5g signal pulls 340 megs down and the 2.4 only pulls 125. The signal does not reach throughout my home, so I wanted to use my tplink Archer 11000 that I had from prior internet.
I disabled the wifi on the Verizon box and used the Ethernet cable to connect to the TP Link. In the TP Link dashboard, I can run a speed test and it shows 340 down, so that is all good; however, on the wifi, I cannot get it above 250! I also cannot get the ethernet port at 340, it too is only 250.
I know on the "window unit" there is a bridge mode to set the modem to but this does not have that in the ip login. I am at a loss as to where 100 megs just disappears to and how to obtain it back. Anyone have some thoughts on what I can do?
I have changed channels and freqs as well, and this is where I am at the highest and it can reach all the rooms in the home.
Thanks in advance for the help and reading about my dilemma.
I was on Verizon chat and they will not provide me a new 5g gateway, that has bridge mode, because I am out of my 30 day period to return.  
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I am sorry for the concerns you are having with the 5G Home Internet Gateway. Our 5G Home plan includes download speeds up to 300 Mbps but speeds may vary pending the equipment and address. For the best support with this matter, please contact our 5G Support team at 844-769-1988.