Can't see JetPack 5510L via new HP Star Wars laptop
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I purchased a new HP Star Wars laptop and I cannot see the JetPack listed in the Wi-Fi connections.

I did a windows update on the laptop just in case there was a driver issue and still nothing.

Tried to use "The Force" and sadly that didn't work either...

Help me are my only hope!

btw, I have other laptops and devices that can see it.  Oh yeah and another laptop (Toshiba) I bought for my daughter doesn't see it either.

They both show they have Wireless-AC WLAN


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Option 1: Enable Broadcast SSID

Login to the Jetpack, navigate to Jetpack Settings > Wi-Fi (see page 19 of the User Guide), put a checkmark in the box labeled: Broadcast Wi-Fi name, and save settings. 

Option 2: Reset the Jetpack

See pages 3 and 78 of the User Guide to use the Master Reset Button to Reset your Jetpack. If you have a custom configuration such as a non default SSID or Wi-Fi Password, you’ll have to reconfigure those settings to use the Jetpack from the “other laptops and devices that can see it.”

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> Tried to use "The Force" and sadly that didn't work either...

This made me chuckle : )

When a mobile device cannot see a wireless signal there are only a few factors that are responsible:

1. 2.4 GHz vs 5.0 GHz

2. The wireless adapter on the mobile device is defective

3. There are too many competing signals and the wireless network you want is lost in the list

4. You are outside the range of the wireless signal or there is too much interference

Note that for any kind of wireless troubleshooting you should be sitting directly next to the wireless signal source, in this case the jetpack.

To rule out 2.4 GHz vs 5.0 GHz log into your Jetpack and switch the kind of signal is broadcasting.

To rule out a bad wireless adapter connect to similar wireless signals if possible

To rule out competing signals move to a quieter area and retest or specifically type in the SSID you wish to connect to instead of manually searching for it in the list

To rule out range issues sit directly next to the wireless signal source.  Jetpacks only have about a 100' range so you want to be in the same room as the Jetpack anyways for decent performance.

Try out these isolation steps and let us know what you can find.