Concern about lack of option to disable remote (WAN) access to admin web interface
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I just installed our new LTE Internet Gateway, model ASK-NCQ1338, and was very surprised to

find there is no menu option within the admin web interface to disable WAN access, and only allow local (LAN) access.  Also, the interface does not appear to have a lockout threshold to deter brute-force guessing attacks.  The firmware version is 214322, which the interface says is the most current available.

I made customer support aware of this vulnerability through the chat feature, but am posting this in the hopes that some Verizon administrators can provide the feedback to firmware development so this important feature can be added in the next firmware version.  According to information in this Verizon article,, there is or was a "Turn Remote Management On" option available in one of the LTE Broadband Router products.

Also, an option for questions/answers to help in a 'forgotten password' situation would also be very helpful.

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