MHS291L very low signal strength

I live in a Top 20 Market where the Verizon Wireless map shows i should have very good LTE and XLTE coverage.

However, the signal strength using a MHS291L is very low (reporting -115dBm).

This is the same reading I get with a 5510 so I believe the reading to be correct.

I really cannot increase the signal moving the unit around a Horizontal Arc - but can get about a 4dBm rise moving it up Vertical around 3 feet, but obviously 4dBm is not helping the situation.

Would prefer to keep this Verizon unit instead of Sprint or T-Mobile, both of which have towers within 1.0-1.5 miles of my location, where the Verizon Tower is a good 5-7 miles away at minimum.

As the MHS291L has an external antenna connection  - and knowing a $19-$29 antenna will accomplish essentially nothing - and suggestions of what powered antenna I could purchase to put in my attic to improve the signal - especially as this unit operates on the 700 Mhz Band AND the 1700 Mhz Band?


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>and suggestions of what powered antenna I could purchase

There are only a few options that I am aware of.  The majority of consumer booster/antenna kits that I hear about are from WilsonElectronics.  You can purchase them through resellers or online via

VZW is supposedly finalizing a 4G LTE extender right now.  If you happen to have a decent internet connection in this location the new extender will pipe 4G LTE through your land line internet connection.  These little guys will be a welcomed addition to the troubleshooting toolkit if they perform as expected.  Unfortunately there is no ETA or release date planned right now so its not worth waiting around for.


well, if i have an internet connection, the last thing i need is a 4G LTE Extender!

This unit is supposed to be a backup for when FiOS goes out.

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As John recommended get an amplifier antenna combination:

Here is a great that will get you 6,000 sq ft of coverage

SureCall Fusion5s 72db Repeater Kit (1-6 Users) - Omni/Panel [700/800/1700/1900/2100mhz] : 3Gstore.c...