Samsung Watch 4 error code 109 and horrible tech support
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I have been dealing with VZw tier 1 AND 2 tech support for almost three months. One time the guy said it was a known issues and Samsung had to fix it. Now I called in, was transferred to tier two and they put in a ticket. Told me it would be 48 hours and they would respond.. received NOTHING. I called in a week and a half after the ticket was made. Woman I spoke to transferred me to tier two. Tier two woman tried to "fix" it. Didn't even look at the ticket immediately, but instead, made me reset my watch and try to pair with a stupid QR code that doesn't work. She then tries to get IT on the line. They don't answer. She texts me their number and tells me to give them a call either later that day or the next day. I'm tired of being transferred to people who have no idea what they are doing. You'd think with the money that Verizon makes a year, that they would train staff properly and have decent turn around times for tickets.  #samsung watch 4

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You spend 30 minutes working through your problem with a "Tech",  then they put you on hold.  You're told It's just for a few moments.   Then the line starts ringing and this is when you know you are doomed.   A new Tech answers the phone and you start the process all over again.  The first question you get is...."Can I get your First and Last name........."                DOOMED !!!! 

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I have had literally the same issue with the same treatment. I have tried and tried through tech support to get this fixed and they transfer me from one tier support person to another tier support person.  I have suspended my watch subscription and I'm planning to move all my phones to another carrier because of this. My FIOS will be next. 

   I told support that the Wear App tells me in plain English what the problem is. I told them that the app stated that the carrier "Verizon" hasn't set up my plan yet (error 109).

So the problem has been identified but Verizon doesn't care enough to do their part. Verizon used to be such a good company too. It's a shame. 


I had this same issue and just got it fixed.  They had to send my watch a new esim.  They said that the esim gets corrupt sometimes and needs a new one. Hope this helps someone!