Two 4g LTE routers - same IP and serial number? same wifi name?
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Hi, I purchased two 4g LTE routers. I did this because on our Viasat satellite system we needed two, 1. to have enough data, and 2. the signal wouldn't go far enough in our log home. 

However, I have both routers now and on MyVerizon account under devices they have the exact same IP Address, MAC Address, Serial number, Model & Type, IMEI, and Router Software number. 

More importantly, I cannot name their wifi networks differently. When I change the name of a wifi network for one it changes the other. I am doing this on MyVerizon account online. I have not tried to hook up directly to the router because I don't have a mac to ethernet cord (I ordered one from Amazon). 

Can someone please tell me why two devices from Verizon have the same IP address and serial number? Also, please let me know why I can't give them two separate wifi network names. I realize with Verizon that I don't have a data cap, but my husband and I are on zoom meetings all day and really need our own bandwidth. Not to mention partitioning out the kids. 

I greatly appreciate anybody's advice on this. 

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elizabeth 1188 Thank you for reaching out here on this platform. We certainly would like to look into this for you. You should have different MAC ID for each. Please look for the Private Message.-Dolores