Verizon Home LTE Latency (ASK-NCQ1338)

We have recently installed Verizon Home LTE. For the most part it works, but we have noticed a couple items that have caused some frustration.

The first item is with latency. With my laptop connect to the wifi of the Home LTE router, I run a ping test. The results of that test are 150ms to 200+ms. I then connect my laptop to my phones hotspot (Verizon LTE), and run the same ping test, I get 30ms to 50ms. Both devices are using Verizon LTE, and are in the relative same location in the house.

Second item(may be related to the first item). Some services do not work with Home LTE but work fine with my phones hotspot. Example; Our Vizio voice remote is unable to communicate with the internet to process commands, but if it is connected to the phone hotspot, it works just fine.

Is Verizon throttling Home LTE more than my phone or giving Home LTE lesser priority?

We are using the Verizon Internet Gateway (ASK-NCQ1338). I did try using the search to locate any other customers having this issue, but didn't find any results. So I apologize if this is already a thread.

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