3 way calling? number hidden?
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how do i do 3 way calling on my lg dare? also how do i hide my number on certain calls?
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To place a 3-way call on your LG Dare, you would first need to get the first person on the phone.  Once you've got the first person on the line, you can then bring the dial pad up on the touch screen and dial the second person's phone number, then press send.  This will automatically  place the first person on hold while connecting to the second.  Once you've got the second person on the phone, you press the send key again and it will connect you with both the persons you wish to speak with.  If you are calling two non-Verizon Wireless phone numbers, this will use DOUBLE your airtime minutes.  When you hang up the phone, it will disconnect both the other people from the call.


To block your number on a per-call basis, you would dial *67 + the 10-digit number you are calling, then press send.  Your call will show up on anyone's caller ID as "Restricted" or "Unavailable".