4G Mobile Hot Spot:

The Samsung Model: SCH-LC11 Has just Came out its a Mobile Hotspot for For Say Mobile Device you can Get your 4G From it an this is How.  it Receives the 4G Signal then en-return you can Hook say like your Droid X , Dinc , or any 3G phone that's using  Wi-Fi an get the speeds about the same or as close To say like the T-bolt but not have pay as much as you Do for the T-Bolt an as it says  you can hook up as many as 5 Devices. If this Does what it say's I think we have a winner Here! an you can keep your Device or Devices an do as Much as you would as if you would have a New Phone. O an its Portable Too. :smileyvery-happy:  Here's the Lync To take a Look.



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