Can't redeem offers for the 5g home internet
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I activated the Disney+, and it says in order to keep the subscription, I need to cancel after 7 days and I canceled after 20 days, but it got rid of the subscription completely. 


Not a single rep knows anything about redeeming the $300 off the soundbar. I used to have the option to redeem the soundbar, but it errored out and never came back. 


In general, I am done talking with customer support, it has just been such an awful experience. I can barely understand anyone and after using google translate to try to talk with them, I will get transferred to someone else over and over and over and over because no one wants to take accountability even for such a simple problem. 

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I tried redeeming the free Google Nest Mini after the 65 days but tile is not showing up and customer care chat hasnt been able to address it - they ask to call the contact center and when I call no agent picks up ... Cant believe this !  

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I'm having the same issue with redeeming the Google Nest Hub Max. Link on the web takes you to a page that indicates it's "Redirecting to promo page. . ." then stops without ever redirecting. On the app when you click on the tile it sends you to the sign-in page (even if you are signed in) then once you sign in again and click on the tile it sends you back to sign-in page. Stuck in a loop. I'm not a web designer/developer but I know how links are suppose to work.

Agents are nice and try to help but are certainly handicapped in this area. One tried to tell me that the date I became eligible was the expiration of the promotion. They indicated that they sent it up the chain though I've seen no resolution to this point. Guess that's one way to get out of honoring your promotions.