Horrible 5G Service in FL
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2 months after upgrading my phone (and happily using 4G SIM card for those 2 months), I was told by Verizon I should upgrade my SIM card to 5G because it would be better, lol! I live on East Coast of FL, Palm Bay/Melbourne area and since doing that my sometimes spotty reception has gone to mostly non-existent everywhere I go.

My phone basically only works when I'm on wifi, in many places I receive "you have no service" messages when I try to make calls. I am now lucky when I get 1 or 2 bars. According to Signalchecker.com, Verizon doesn't have 5G in my area, so I don't know why they suggested a new SIM, I will be asking them to change it back. If they don't I'm going to ATT, which does show 5G service.

I had better cell service in my small mountain town in 2010 than I do in any large Florida city in 2022. It's sad how poor Verizon has become, their coverage maps and "best service" claims seem like straight lies at this point.

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