How do I file a complaint against Verizon?
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After 13 months I have discovered that Verizon has been charging me $50 every month for a device payment plan on a device I do not own or have in my possession. They are charging me for an iPhone and all devices on my plan are Samsung devices. When I first called 2 days ago to inquire about the charge their automated system hung up on me 7 times! I called and every time I requested to speak to an agent about my bill. The automated system would place me on hold for 30 seconds and then say "thank you for calling Verizon, goodbye" and hang up on me! Finally after 7 tries it told me that the call center was closed and I had to use the chat. I was on that chat for over an hour! The response time is out of this world! The chat agent was able to tell me that I upgraded one of my lines back in January 2021 to an iPhone but then returned it but it looked like the device payment plan was never canceled. I had been paying for a returned device since then! I was and am very furious! I don't understand how this could happen and every agent I have spoken to just gets less and less helpful. The first agent apparently gave me a $20 courtesy credit for this 2 days ago and I still haven't seen it on my account. Also, please note I have been a Verizon customer for over 16yrs and my bill is almost $600 a month so clearly $20 means nothing! Then I called back yesterday to get my ticket escalated and another agent told me that Verizon has no internal process for escalating tickets, even if the customer requests it. Let me be clear, I work for a communications company and we have a direct escalation process to the office of the president at the customer's request so it is baffling to me that a corporation like Verizon does not. Then the agent said he would credit my account for the $50 charge this month while I was waiting for the ticket to be resolved and I still haven't seen that credit either! My bill just cycled today and the charge is still on there, even though the ticket got marked as resolved today! The ticket got marked as resolved with NO details and my account wasn't credited for what I have been over paying for the last 13, now 14 months! This is ridiculous and I cannot believe that after 16 years Verizon customer service is doing this to me. Since I saw the ticket was resolved and my account was not credited I called today and the agent I spoke to stated she didn't have access to the ticket and couldn't see what was going on with it! How is that possible? she said it was because of the department she was in. which makes zero sense because when I called I asked to speak to an agent about this ticket! I asked to speak to a supervisor and it has been over an hour now and a supervisor has not called me back and I and nowhere near getting this resolved and my $597 bill just got sent to me today! I AM BEYOND FURIOUS!!!!


**Update: someone from customer support reached out to me and asked that I join a chat to only drop the chat and no longer talk to me! I've been on the phone with Verizon now for over 2  hours trying to get this issue fixed and I cannot get a supervisor on the line! Apparently they are untouchable! this is beyond insane!!!

Who do I need to talk to to get this fixed?! I definitely want to file a formal complaint about this!


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If you ever need to call them again, use the scheduled call back service. Every time I've used it, a live agent was on the line. 

I to, am having issues trying to get a credit from them