How do you tell Verizon that the #2 Tech Area in the USA has near zero Verizon reception for 5G and LTE?
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In our area, dubbed "Silicon Slopes" because of the highest concentration of tech companies outside of Palo Alto "Silicon Valley" in California...Verizon has abysmal service. We just switched from T-Mobile which had excellent reception in the area for the tech world here. Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle,, Verisign, Podium, Divvy, Pluralsight and countless other billion dollars companies rely on quality connection. Unfortunately we jumped ship from superior T-Mobile in this area for 7 new phones in our family...yes we have 7 lines. All iPhone 13's.

Worst. Decision. Ever.

After switching we've experience the early 2000's cell phone quality issues like multiple dropped calls each day, conversation gaps and Mr Roboto electronica quality at times. Verizon let's be forward thinking here. The zip code in question is 84043 in Lehi, Utah and is 31 square miles in size. The most populated and highest concentrated tech center is on just one side of that zip code along the I-15 freeway...yet it has the worst reception

Food for thought Verizon, the epicenter that would prove the most valuable to both the 100+ tech companies in this area and consumers would be the following coordinates: Latitude 40.4365082  and longitude  -111.8804016. The local HOA which encompasses 5,000 households will have a message going out soon to have everyone contact Verizon about this same issue or make a switch because it is so bad. I highly recommend you put a tower in this area before the tech companies and consumers in this area do an about-face from you.

So the question for Verizon...what will you do to strengthen your presence in this #2 top tech sector in the United States?

Question for anyone on this do you contact or make Verizon aware that they are underserving their customers in a specific area?

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