Strong LTE Signal, zero internet
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Antenna 058064_BEVERLY_4_MA. I get a strong LTE signal in my home (3 bars + LTE Icon) but can get absolutely zero data from any of the 3 phones on my account with wifi turned off when connected to this antenna. Phone works, data does not.  2 of the phones are on the 'play more unlimited plan' that shouldn't even throttle until after 50gb (they've used under 5). I've had several 'ambassador' tickets opened and closed with 'no trouble found'. Friends and neighbors in the area all experiencing the same issue, but VZ doesn't seem to care. This has been going on for months. No data at all, all day every day. When I leave my home area and connect to different antennas, everything is fine.

My nearest cross street, if anyone cares, is Tyler Rd and Hale St in Beverly, MA 01915

Frustrated 15 year VZW customer, 25 year Nynex/Bell-Atlantic/Verizon employee

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Hello there! We're terribly sorry for the whole ordeal. We know it's vital to have a great connection, and we'd love to help you get this taken care of. Please reply to our private note to better assist you. ~Aaron