Trade In Issue

I also like many others recently did the trade in promo for the iPhone 13 and to trade in your old device for it. It was for two iPhone 13s order with a sales rep over the phone. Order was placed on September 27 and I received the new phones and the trade in boxes on October 12th. I put each of the old phones in the separate boxes and mailed them using the provided labels. One was delivered to Fort Worth on October 26th and that trade in was processed. The other arrived in Fort Worth that same day but was then forwarded to Las Vegas and arrived a week later and was never processed. Verizon is now claiming that they have not received the trade in and are back charging me for it. Trying to contact support has just had them tell me “we are sorry but we did not receive the device within 30 days so therefore you are ineligible for the promo” 

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Customer Service Rep

Hi Njuslian, 


I'm concerned to hear that you did not receive credit for your second trade in! We are here to help, and we want to make sure that this is resolved. I can definitely understand your alarm at showing the device being forwarded to a location in Las Vegas. I have sent you a Private Note regarding your account. Please respond to our Private Note, and we would be happy to assist with this matter.