Verizon's Fraudlent Plan Practices

Verizon's basic unlimited plan states that you have unlimited access to their 5G network, though in busy times your speed may be lowered.

What they don't tell you is that you will only have access to the 5G network for maybe a month at most, and then, you will never get access again.  You will be forever on LTE.

I found this out having upgraded from my iPhone 7 to a new Iphone 12.  If you call to complain that you can no longer get 5G, they will tell you that you need to upgrade to a premium plan, even though you had been getting 5G all along and they only just decided to throttle you after the first month, hoping they would be able to talk you into paying more month for 5G access.

I plan on reporting them to FTC and FCC for fraudulent business practices and ending my 20 year business with Verizon.

Enough is enough!

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I have an older plan which has the same lack of priority Start Unlimited has, but still has a 3G hotspot. My non carrier phone says 5G right now. It has for months. You probably just need to reset your network settings. 

Don't waste the FCC's time for something that just isn't true.