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verizon prepaid is utter and complete F**********************************g trash. 

they will throttle you into oblivion if there is literally any 1 single person on the network that isnt prepaid. 

using prepaid dead of night, not a soul walking around 5 bars- cannot even search google because it times out. literally not enough speed or bandwidth to resolve to a blank screen with a search bar. 

verizon = trash

heres verizon translated in different languages

  • American English: trash  /ˈtræʃ/
  • Arabic: قَمَامَة 
  • Brazilian Portuguese: lixo 
  • Chinese: 垃圾 
  • Croatian: smeće 
  • Czech: smetí 
  • Danish: affald 
  • Dutch: rotzooi 
  • European Spanish: basura 
  • Finnish: roska 
  • French: ordures 
  • German: Müll 
  • Greek: σκουπίδια 
  • Italian: immondizia 
  • Japanese: くだらないこと 
  • Korean: 허튼 소리 
  • Norwegian: søppel 
  • Polish: śmieci 
  • European Portuguese: lixo 
  • Romanian: gunoi
  • Russian: мусор 
  • Spanish: basura 
  • Swedish: skräp 
  • Thai: ขยะ 
  • Turkish: çöp 
  • Ukrainian: непотріб
  • Vietnamese: rác

thank you for coming to my Ted-Talk. 

avoid them. 

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You are correct and these exact reasons are why I'm considering leaving them for T-Mobile.