How About Customer Disservice?

My wife and I have been with Verizon for more than 25 years. You used to call customer service and get an intelligent person almost immediately who could assist in whatever question or problem you were having. Today, I was trying to figure out how to call Mexico from by US based, prepaid cell phone. When I go online and look at the details of my plan, it states that international calls from the US to Canada and Mexico are included in the plan. I have called Canada in the past without any issues, but don't seem to be able to call Mexico at all. I tried dialing 1 + 52 + the ten-digit number and 011 + 52 + the ten-digit number to no avail. So, I just spent over an hour trying to contact Verizon customer service via I call them, ask for them to call me, Chat, Etc. There apparently is no way to just dial a human being ...especially one who has over a 50 IQ or any knowledge of the product. The only human I spoke to was totally incompetent who, after taking forever to look up her answer to my question, stated that Mexico was not included but activated International Passport even though I told her calling to Mexico was stated as included in my plan. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, she just transferred me back to the beginning of the automated system you get instead of a human when you first call in! Even chat connected me with a dumb virtual assistant until 15 minutes of chatting with a wall produced a human who said they would look into the issue but just disappeared after I waited another 15 minutes for a reply! So, after twenty years, I think I'll ditch Verizon. Perhaps no other carrier is any better, but I'm unwilling to accept such rude and inconsiderate treatment. Apparently, they don't care a bit about customers any longer and so be it. To me it seems like customer service is a thing of the past. I feel sorry for the young people who never knew what it was like to have an issue and get to talk to a knowledgeable and helpful person that actually provided "Customer Service" in an expedient manner that did not leave the customer pulling their hair out! That's my rant after Verizon wasted most of my afternoon to no avail! Interesting that any insulting words are automatically flagged so you cannot post here. Well, you have to earn the complimentary words, and that, it would seem, is beyond Verizon's abilities any longer!

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