How much data does a voice call take on the Network Extender?
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We live in a rural area with poor cell reception.  Our internet is through satellite and thus we have a limited data allotment each month.  I purchased an antennae with a cell signal amplifier with limited success and we were told at the Verizon Store that the Data Extender worked through the same antennae only functioned better.  When I got it home and realized that it hooks to the router using our internet I was concerned that it would eat up our limited data allotment.  Can anyone tell me how much data it will use?


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About 36 MB per hour of voice calls. You may have trouble with satellite since latency and jitter will be much much higher since the signal must go up 22,000 miles and back.  The voice quality would be low and garbled frequently. 

Simultaneous CallerDownload Speed RequirementUpload Speed Requirement
1 caller40 kbps40 kbps
2 callers80 kbps80 kbps
3 callers120 kbps120 kbps