International Talk Roaming Charges While Using WiFi Calling

Went on a family vacation to Costa Rica.  To avoid roaming charges on my daughter's iPhone, I turned off Cellular Data and placed it in airplane mode.  It stayed that way for the duration of our vacation.  Her iPhone only had access to the internet via WiFi while it was in Costa Rica.  To our surprise, the next bill has a $551 international roaming minutes charge (plus bulked-up surcharges).   We should not be responsible for this since our phone did not connect to any cellular network in Costa Rica.

So we've spent half a day today with Verizon customer support and still have been unable to resolve this error.  I thought it would be impossible to be charged for roaming while on WiFi, but when we called customer support to dispute this charge, we were told that this is because the voice calls were done over WiFi calling from Costa Rica.  So then we are told by the CSR, that they can't resolve the billing dispute.  They could only tell us that we needed to call a different department.  Over the course of the next two hours, we go from one wrong department to the next.  Only to have the call disconnected.  The service from customer support over the phone is horrible.  So we drive up to the authorized Verizon store to talk to someone face to face but only ended up being more disappointed because they can't fix any billing problems at the store.  They told us to call customer support to resolve this.

I have been a loyal Verizon customer for over a decade, but this experience is making me question if Verizon puts its loyal customers first.    If anyone has a similar experience and was able to get this resolved, I would truly be appreciative if you could share how you got this issue resolved.


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Hello orgullo10! We value your loyalty, and we'd love to clarify all your concerns. Please reply to our private note at your earliest convenience to get started. ~Aaron

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To avoid all these just move to T-Mobile or AT&T that includes Costa Rica to full speed just like in US.


Verizon enforces old fashioned rules for International Roaming, I always thought that WiFi calling calls to US will be FREE, even incoming or outgoing due to there is not use at all of any cellular data.


Shame on Verizon