how to set up free voice calling
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This will work for any wifi/data enabled device- regardless of whether it is an android smartphone without current service, or a  wifi/3g/4g tablet

I currently enjoy free local/long distance calling on my Xoom, and I use the Motorola H730 bluetooth headset. very nice.

what is needed:

1. download Groove Ip

2. download Google Voice app (for sms texting/voicemail)

3. (recommended) bluetooth headset

then go to Google Voice website, get a free number ( do not port your current Verizon data number!)

then forward Google Voice calls to your tablet's Google Talk via the settings on Google Voice.

log into your Google account via Groove Ip app, punch in your new number.

Configure, and tweak:

Audio/Echo Settings>Basic Echo Canceler

Troubleshooting>Synchronize Voice

Troubleshooting>Mic Source>Android Default

Allow 3g/4g calling

Accept calls on answer

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