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Brand new phone gone psycho!

I was did not want to write this but I am curious if anybody in the community is having this issue or if even a Verizon rep will help out here.

I have talked with tier 2 support about this matter and NO one can help me. I will not be pushed onto the back burner and forgot about.

I bought the droid maxx at full price on August 28. I am not a gamer or big social media person. I do not load my phone with junk apps. On Saturday 9/21/13 I pulled my phone out to make a call and it was off. I held in power button to reboot and waited. I made my made my call and hung up. 15 minutes later I needed an email and retrieved my phone only to find it off again. I powered on and waited. There was no gmail account associated with the phone. All contacts gone. Calendar gone. All gmail associated applications were reset asking for gmail. What??? I re entered my credentials and everything synced. Okay. Hour later phone was off and needed powered on again. Same thing. No gmail. Long story short.. I have recorded all the times this happened. 17 times in 4 days. I was late for work because phone powered off and alarm never went off. I have watched the phone power off while using it in my hand. Very random. No patterns. If anyone has had this happen please reply. I have owned this phone 27 days and Verizon will not allow me to return it to get another phone. Help!!

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Re: Brand new phone gone psycho!
Super User
Super User

Have you ever run the phone in safe mode? Or without an downloaded applications only the applications that are pre-installed app?

Try either of those methods and see if the phone behaves in the same manner.

The return policy period is 14 days not 30. After 14 days, you would go the warranty replacement route.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Brand new phone gone psycho!
Customer Support

Ann154, thanks again for helping us support our customers. we don't want to commit that device to the psych ward yet, dr44440.

You have 14 days to return or exchange a new device for any reason. That device must be in like-new condition and be accompanied with the original packing, accessories, and purchase reciept.

There after the 14 day Worry Free guarantee time period, we can diagnose a device issue right over the phone. If we cannot address the problem while you're on the line and the problem is caused by a manufacturing defect, we'll send you a remanufactured replacement device of the same make/model phone that you currently have right to your door.

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Re: Brand new phone gone psycho!

Hello dr44440

I just got my droid maxx 4 days ago and everything was good until it also started to just "turn off", i just started to add apps 1 day ago and that is when things started. i am trying to figure out if it's my phone or some app that is going nuts and killing my phone. When it is "turned off" nothing works besides doing a power reset. At this time i am not experiencing the exact reset you are and truly hope i don't, but i wanted to let you know their was another person with the phone just "turning off" out there.

My next plan is to do a factory reset to see if i can duplicate the issue, then start installing 1 app at a time to see if i get the same result. It sucks we need to do this on a phone that is 4 days old.