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Camera Icons Spinning, Spliced Text Messages

Starting a few days ago, all the icons in my camera - settings, zoom, camera/video camera, front/rear camera - are constantly spinning and turning around as if switching from landscape & portrait.  Very frustrating and difficult to take pictures, they are often in portrait mode when holding camera landscape & the opposite as well.  This happens from the moment I open the camera.

I've also noticed other issues including text messages being spliced to include 1/2 a message from months ago and 1/2 from current incoming message, (quite confusing!).  The battery has also been draining quickly (12-14 hours with minimal use). 

The phone updated to 4.1.2 recently, and I've seen many similar issue.  Anyone have any ideas on these specific issues?

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Re: Camera Icons Spinning, Spliced Text Messages

I have experienced the exact same problem with the splicing of the text messages. Not only that but sometimes my Droid Razor won't even send the text message even though it says it did. The most recent and frustrating thing that has been happening lately has been people receiving completely different texts than what I originally sent. I would send one text and it would show it in my phone but their phone would show a completely different text that had nothing remotely to do with what I said; almost as if my text got mixed up with someone elses. I would really like to know what exactly is going on with this as well. I tried going into the settings/manage apps/all/ and then proceeded to clear the data on my texting app and force closing it then restarting my phone to see if that would do anything. I just did this so i don't have any news yet if this did anything but I'll be sure to post again if it does happen.

Re: Camera Icons Spinning, Spliced Text Messages
Customer Service Rep

Hello happy community members,

Software updates are designed to enhance the overall performance of the device. We want you to enjoy your device and the new features that the update provide. Clearly, this is not the case in this circumstance. It will be my pleasure to assist. First, may I ask is there anty physical or liquid damage on the device? Also, how much available device memory is left? In most cases, performing a hard reset immediately after the software update will resolve new issues or conflict. If this hasn't been done then here's a link on how to do so. Let me know the results just in case more assistance is needed.

Thank you...

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