Case or No Case? & Safe Operating Temp?

This is my first time posting a question here, so please take it easy on me. I got a new Droid Maxx this week. Trying to make the most of it's GREAT battery, and keep that battery healthy. I REALLY need it to last two years. I have it in an Otterbox Commuter case. After doing some reading, it seems that it might get too hot in the case. I installed Battery Solo Widget (free) to monitor all things battery related. So far, it looks like the temp runs around 26c when at rest and the hottest I've seen was about 40c. I think that translates to about 83f low and 105f high. What are your thoughts on case/no case...and safe temps. Thanks in advance!

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Re: Case or No Case? & Safe Operating Temp?
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I've always used a case and will continue to do so.

Cases are not designed to retain heat or every case maker would be in hot water (no pun).

If anything they can help expel heat plus the phone should turn it self off if it reaches a maximum heat level (that's why you shouldn't leave your phone in a hot car parked in the sun in the summer).

Dropping your phone with no case will cause more damage then a warm battery would cause to the phone itself.

Re: Case or No Case? & Safe Operating Temp?
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I have an Incipio case for my MAXX which is just as thick as the Otter Commuter case. I haven't had a problem at all with battery heat in the case; the cases--especially nicer ones like Incipio, Otter, etc.--are designed to prevent the phone from overheating. The only time your phone will really have problems with heating up is if you do what I did and fall asleep with the phone under your pillow (haha). I woke up and it was HOT. If you "suffocate" the phone, it will overheat. However, the cases are well-ventilated.

I highly suggest getting a case and keeping it on your MAXX whenever you're out and about. I had my Incipio case on-order, and while I was waiting for it to come in the mail, I dropped my MAXX and the Kevlar chipped a bit on the corner...didn't help that I dropped it on cement. I was so upset. Definitely keep the case on. If you're just at home relaxing on the couch or something, take the case off if you want. A screen cover never hurt anyone, either.