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Conversation threads dated December 1969

I've only had my Razr for about a month or so but I've noticed that when I delete texts, a blank thread with that contact is created and shows up at the bottom of my text log.  I've tried clearing the cache as well as the cache for GoSMS and those blank threads are still there.  I even tried installing the History Eraser app and it didn't work at all.  Is anyone else having this problem? How do I get rid of these?

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Re: Conversation threads dated December 1969

This is a Common thing that o cures it's been mentioned that it happen on More than one phone I done a little searching came across few old threads i kind of forgot about it actually). But as I mentioned this has showed up on a few phones and OS builds as far back as Eclair maybe even Blackberries Owners might have see it as well) I don't know if what i found will will clear the issue your Seeing but give it a shot and see.. Good Luck b33

Download SMS Backup & Restore and back up your messages if you want to keep any of them, this fix will wipe EVERYTHING from the messaging app.

From the Messaging app thread list, press Menu and select Delete Threads. It will ask you to confirm that you want to delete all threads. Say "yes" obviously and bye bye stuck threads from 1969. Of course, bye bye to all the other threads too but that's why you made a backup. From SMS B&R, restore your messages and you should get everything back, minus the 1969 threads..