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How many others are being lied to?

My Droid Raxr Maxx worked for about a year.  Then the screen just flashed and it would no longer power on.  Sent it back.  Didn't hear anything, although was told I'd be called.  Called Verizon, was told it was "water damage" and they had pictures to prove it.  Total manure, there was NO corrosion anywhere when I sent it in.  They admitted the screen was bad and also admitted that the "water sensor" had NOT been tripped and the screen issue was not due to water damage.  They sent a refurb, denied insurance and billed me $300.00.  The refurb phone doesn't work.  It randomly dials numbers from my phone bank, while sitting unattended on the table.  It also loads VERY slowly, even though the 4G indicator is on.  It also randomly opens and closes screens, opens the text screen, overheats, swype doesn't work and calls break up.  Ve.rizon has told me, today that they are "sorry" and are willing to send me another refurb, but I still have to pay the three hundred.  When I bought the original two phones, I only paid half that for both of them; I was told that I was a great customer, and a loyal one, so I was given a great deal.  Verizon is uninterested in making me happy since I refuse to pay three hundred dollars for a phone that doesn't work.  I wonder how many others on these boards have had the same problems.  As I have searched the web, I have found that hundreds of people are having the same problems I am. 

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Re: How many others are being lied to?
Customer Support

I can understand how having an unexpected charge on your bill can be upsetting. When we send out replacements, we advise that the original phone must be free of damage to qualify for warranty. We don't rely on the water sensor as there have been many false positives for those in the past. This is why we look for physical signs of liquid damage such as corrosion, green discoloration, liquid in the display, etc. Corrosion normally happens over time and not all at once. If there were any doubt of damage prior to sending the phone in, insurance could have been used, but not afterwards. This is a non-refundable fee. We can certainly replace the phone thru warranty again, but we would not be able to credit for the original phone which was damaged.

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Re: How many others are being lied to?

This is why I don't trust you people. You are lying. I received an email earlier saying my account HAD been credited the $300 charge. I still have a faulty phone and have already been contacted by an executive at Verizon. They will see your response. This isn't over. Have a nice day.

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