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MMS, especially group text messages, are not sending well

First of all, the specs: I have a new Motorola Razr M (build date, Mar 22, 2013), running Android version 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean)

The issue is with sending group messages, or messages as a part of a thread involving multiple recipients (who all happen to have iPhones), through the native text messaging app. The app makes it clear that these are sent as multi-media messages, not text messages. However, the messages don't seem to be sending. Instead of the "sent:" timestamp at the bottom of the message, there is perpetually a small green arrow. (There may also be a delay in receiving messages in this thread, but I'm not sure, as the senders are on the other side of the country.)

Others who have encountered this problem (according to the vast archives of the internet) have figured out that MMS are sent via the carrier network, so through 4G (or 3G), which seems to be true. The messages send without a problem when Wi-Fi is switched off.

So the problem seems to be that the phone isn't properly switching to (or recognizing the need to switch to?) 4G to send the message when it's already on Wi-Fi.

Anyone have any ideas about how to fix this issue (other than rebooting the phone)?

Can I force my way around the issue by manually configuring the settings so that Wi-Fi switches off when the messaging app is open, or something equally clever?

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Re: MMS, especially group text messages, are not sending well

I am having this problem as well although it is not limited to group messages.  It happens frequently with messages to single individuals (who happen to have iphones).  Would love some way to fix this as it is driving me crazy!

Re: MMS, especially group text messages, are not sending well

Mines a Droid - HD, and was fine until recently and then began having this issue after ~ 2013-05-13 with MMS messages on m2m and iphone users. Specifically pictures msgs NO LONGER send. Not so much a group issue here. Also seems to drag when accessing the net on certain WiFi networks ( i only use two) and the screams to life when WiFi is turned off. Perhaps all this is related?

Anyone know of any apps being pushed that could cause this?