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Package File Invalid

Okay so everything was going well with my Droid RAZR up until 2 days ago when I tried to update Instagram. I kept getting the error message "package file invalid." After several unsuccessful attempts I uninstalled the app and tried to reinstall. Of course, I keep getting the same message. Now I don't even have the app at all and I am getting the same message when trying to update other apps. Wifi connection is good. I tried clearing data and cache and I'm out of ideas. Anybody have the same problem? Should I just bring my phone up to Verizon or get a new one? In all's probably time for a new one. I've had mine for a while and the screen is pretty badly cracked but I've been trying to hang on as long as I can. Thanks in advance. Any help is appreciated. This issue is super frustrating.

Also, I tried downloading the app from my computer to my phone with the same results.

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Re: Package File Invalid
Super User
Super User

What version of the Google Play Store is your phone running? There are report of the same error message after the newest Play Store update was installed. Although some have said they had the error before the Play Store update. I don't recall if there is a workaround.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Package File Invalid

I had the same problem on Galaxy Exhilarate with the Lookout antiviris app. Was told by Lookout to clear data and cash for playstore. Cleared data and cash and re-installed with the same result. Then I realized that I had the same app installed on another phone with same phone number. Disabled internet on second phone. App installed with no problem on Galaxy. I suspected the app was seeing the second phone on line.

Re: Package File Invalid
Customer Service Rep

JSop13, let's get you validated. Some 3rd party applications can affect the performance of your device. I recommend that you uninstall any unwanted applications to free up memory capacity and then power your device off/on. Additionally, you will also need to disable the WiFi feature and connect to our data network to complete the upload of Instagram. I trust these steps will work for you. Keep up posted.

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