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Patch / Update Droid Moto Z Force

I have the Moto Z Force for personal and Google Pixel XL for my work phone. Patches are slowing down/lagging the Moto Z Force, but not the Pixel. The new 8.0 and now 8.1.0 is out for this phone, but you cannot get out the new stuff for the Moto Z Force. Is it because this is almost 1 year old phone and your team only works on the newer phones? It is upsetting that as soon as my phone's hit a certain age (12 months about), you forget about them and they upgrade slower. We have contracts with Verizon and some are paying on these for 2 years. Support for these should be at least 2 years strong. Referring people to the "upgrade page" is not helpful. Get the answers. Post something we can look for. Will 8.0 be out for my phone before others get 9.0? Probably not, but you will give us patches and updates to your own software.

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Re: Patch / Update Droid Moto Z Force
Super User
Super User

Google writes and releases the update for the Pixels. Motorola gets the security updates from Google and incorporates it into their software before Motorola releases it to their devices. VZW only tests the final update installed on test devices to verify it doesn't break the network and gives technical approval. If the tests fail, the update goes back to the manufacturer for revisions. Once technical approval is received from all of the partners involved (carriers, hardware manufacturers, etc), then and only then will the update be released to the active devices.

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Re: Patch / Update Droid Moto Z Force
Customer Support

I understand your concern with ensuring your device is up to date, BuddySullivan. As Ann154 has described, there are multiple phases of testing a software update must go through before it is approved to roll out. You mentioned that patches are slowing down and lagging the Moto Z Force. Can you share more details about what you are experiencing with your Moto Z Force?



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