Poor call quailty

I have had my Droid Razr for a year with no problems making phone calls live in an area that is has 4g LTE coverage but over the past week every one that I have called has told me my phone is breaking up and today I dropped 2 calls to land lines and some one left me a voice mail but my phone never rang. Cant figure out why this has happened. Zip 23062

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Re: Poor call quailty
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We want you to enjoy the most reliable service in as many locations as possible ZCoone! Did you try powering off your device and removing the SIM card? Is this happening in more than one area? Have you tested in a different zip code? The zip you provided is in an overlapping area for our network with 3G/4G and extended network. Our control may be limited in an area like this. Any other users in the same area having difficulties?

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