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Screen goes black when making phone calls on Motorolla Z2 Play
Enthusiast - Level 1

I have two Moto Z2 Play phones on my account.

On on one of the phones the screen goes black when making phone calls.  Swiping or taping the screen, or pushing the side buttons will not bring the screen back.  Neither will bringing the phone back up to my ear or back down numerous times.  I am unable to hang up from phone calls or use speaker phone because the screen goes black and won't come out of it. 

This only happens when making phone calls.  Not while playing games, etc.  This does not happen on the other Moto Z2 Play Phone I have.  

I cleaned the phone thoroughly and put a new screen protector on it making sure not to block any of the sensors and it still happens when making calls. Also tried going through Display settings and didn't find much that will allow me to change the time out on the screen display.

The phone currently has Android 8.0.

Why has this just started to happen?  How can I get the screen to come back on when using the phone again?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Screen goes black when making phone calls on Motorolla Z2 Play
Customer Service Rep

We all rely on our phones so much. We definitely want you to have the ability to use your phone as you want to. Tell me, when did this begin happening on your device? Please go to the steps in this link to check and see if Screen saver is turned on or off: Please clarify these details, thanks very much. 

Re: Screen goes black when making phone calls on Motorolla Z2 Play
Contributor - Level 3

Unfortunately this is a fairly common issue with Moto Z phones as they get older and go through one or more Android OS version updates. There are numerous posts like this on the Moto support forum, and no real explanation or solution. All you can really try is backup all personal data (music, pictures, files, etc.) somewhere safe off the phone > factory reset > and start over fresh and hope the issue does not reappear.