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Verizon Messages Crashes when sending pictures

Last week I spent over an hour in a VZW store because I was receiving the error message whenever I attempted to sned a MMS


The technician said the size of the pictures was too big which was causing the app to crash. For a week the app worked fine. Yesterday I updated the app and this morning when I attempted to send a picture to my wife the error message above appeared again.

In the camera settings I have the in the WIDESCREEN section the box checked which indicates 6MP images to match the screen (unchecked 6MP becomes 8 MP)

When the tech did that change the app worked fine I have it checked now and the app is still crashing.

When I attempt to use the Razr Maxx HD's onboard texting app an error message comes up saying it's an unsupported format and with another 3rd party app, Handcent, it states the picture format is not recognized. I am also unable to receive pictures

What can I do to resolve this issue? I am paying entirely too much money to not have this functionality and I'm frustrated.

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Re: Verizon Messages Crashes when sending pictures
Customer Support

Hi Giummo,

Let's get those pics sent out. I am a frequent pix sender myself. What apps are you using on your phone beside the default and Handcent? Have you tried to place your phone in safe mode to see if this fixed the problem? Here is a link to safe mode. Run it for 24 hours and let us know if it helps out.

Thanks, BobbyS_VZW

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Re: Verizon Messages Crashes when sending pictures

Giummo, This appears to be more of an issue with the Droid Razr Maxx - HD.  I have the Droid Razr Maxx and I'm not having the issue, but there may be reasons why you are. 

I'm unclear if you are simply attaching pics to the regular default text on the phone (the green happy face txt icon) or a 3rd party.  I stopped using 3rd party apps due to compatibility issues.  Also, what version of Android do you have?  Since the last update to 4.1.2, there have been many issues cross the board and Android is on the slow to resolve them.  For instance, the new update randomly turns on the Wi-Fi.  If one was paranoid, they'd think the Government was after them.  Most apps opening are now delayed.  I even open something as simply as my Calendar and the camera opens instead.  The biggest complaint has been the power drain of 4.1.2.  I use to recharge every 3 days, now it's daily.

I've been on the Android Test Forum for years and even Android is not listening to the feedback from the 8,000 in the group (we test updates prior to general release).  I'm at a point of deciding to pay full price for a new Samsung phone as they feedback on their performance has been steller.  I figure Google now owning Motorola will just make things worse.

Re: Verizon Messages Crashes when sending pictures

Thx for that. I went to another Verizon store and after showing the tech

she performed a soft reset and the issue resolved itself. Since that visit

I've had no issues.