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Volume and Wifi question

OK i just got this phone as a replacement so hang with me.

I know that afterthe 4.1.2 update wifi connectivity issues occurred. Do they still happen? Mine seems slightly off........cuts in and out, or is a "poor" connection

Also the volume control on the side of the phone only adjusts the ringtone volume.Is there a way to have it control notifications and alerts as well?

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Re: Volume and Wifi question
Customer Support

Hi andy1799!

Sorry about any issues with your connectivity! Let's troubleshoot! first, please download this appplication from Motorola: for data connectivity and let me know the results.

Second, you asked about the volume controls for other features besides ringer volume. Please go to Menu, Settings, Sounds. You will be able to adjust the sound settings for all of your notifications, not just the ringer.


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Re: Volume and Wifi question

I'm having this same volume issue, too.

Used to be on both of my previous phones (Motorola Droid, and Motorola Droid 3) that the volume buttons on the side of the phone would adjust both the ringer AND notification/alert volumes simultaneously (and both the alarm and media volumes were separate, which made perfect sense to me).

Now, on the Razr Maxx HD, the ONLY way I've been able to figure out how to change the volume for my notifications/alerts (things like text messages, and email notifications) is to go into the settings and adjust the volume slider on the screen.

Has anybody figured out a way to fix this??  I LOVED my two previous Motorola phones, but this particular issue with the Razr Maxx HD is really getting under my skin...