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Whatever Update You OKed Went and **** My Phone.


I don't know what the**** ll you were thinking when you let whateverthe****itis install onto my phone.


Look at this.

You see this?

Over 80% of my battery usage is coming from the screen and "Media" alone.

The screen shouldn't even be taking up that much, I never have it on anything but the lowest brightness setting.

90% of it is coming from system processes.

This is stupid and ridiculous.

My phone can't last more than six hours.

It's been off the charger for two hours and it's already 1/3rd of the way dead.

My phone used to be able to last the whole night and only lose about 20%.

Now I can't use it for a **** thing and it gets hot as **** and I can't use it without being worried that the phone you sold me is going to explode in my face. I got the Razr Maxx because I thought the battery issues wouldn't carry over from the normal Razr.

Evidently that's not the case.

Get your ****  together and fix it.

Also, really?

Not even going to have a customer support email anywhere on your website?

You guys are just **** awful.

<< Edited for profanity >>

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Re: Whatever Update You OKed Went and Fucked My Phone.
Customer Service Rep

Hi LordSpamBot,

Great battery time is very important! I know it's frustrating when your device is not working properly.  I apologize that we no longer offer email support anymore, we wanted to offer a quicker resolution to your issue. You can choose to Chat, Facebook post or send us a Tweet. Let's get your Razr Maxx battery back to lasting longer. Sometimes when a large software update has been completed on a device, applications may not restore properly or become corrupted. I would recommend a Hard Reset to the device to repair any software that may have not restored properly. If your device is overheating I would recommend not using the device until it cools.  Keep me posted.

Tweet us @vzwsupport