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Why won't my Bluetooth stay connected?

My Droid Turbo will not maintain a Bluetooth connection with my 2012 Honda CRV.  Initially it worked fine, but developed problems after operating system update.  I have tried:

Restarting my phone

Unpairing and repairing my phone


a factory reset on my phone

Spoken to the Honda dealership re any type of firmware update (told none available)

Had my phone replaced

Waited for a new operating system update, which just occurred - still won't stay paired (continually connects and disconnect).

Additionally, my phone will stayed paired with Bluetooth speaker.

My wife's phone (Samsung 5) has no problem staying paired to our car.

What else can I try?

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Re: Why won't my Bluetooth stay connected?

Just wondering if you ever found a solution to this problem.  Same thing happening with my new Turbo 2, just got it last week and it won't connect to my car BT automatically.  I was able to get it to pair initially, and they recognize each other and I can manually connect it by going through the menu of either the phone or the car (2013 Subaru).  Seems to stay connected, but won't connect automatically like it is supposed to.  My previous Maxx never had a problem with this, so I'm sure it is the new phone, and seems like there are other complaints about it.  Verizon store staff are clueless, haven't found any solutions online, so wondering if this is something I have to live with or try exchanging for another phone, but if this is a known Turbo 2 problem a new phone might nor fix it.

Re: Why won't my Bluetooth stay connected?

No, I finally gave up trying to get it to work.  Have opted to use the speaker on the phone itself and limit how often I take/receive calls.