Access from the web is now denied after installing the Verizon app.

Installed the app on the phone and was already puzzled what use it might be since 2-factor authorization by text message was working.

I need to adjust my billing methods, preferences and security but cannot gain access anymore from the web, chrome and firefox on 4 devices. No access.

Now I have to login to the verizon app to get the second factor code, which is now only a button press to "allow account access from a new device". I press the 'OK' .

Doesn't work though! left hanging with the phone app.

Can't talk to anyone about it The chat-bot wants to sell me something but can't understand what I need. I did manage to  chat with a person on the "in-home" (aka TV-Fios) Verizon chat room but they said they couldn't help.

Is there anyone there who can get me out of "customer-support-jail"?


Re: Access from the web is now denied after installing the Verizon app.
Customer Service Rep

Isogoog, Verizon is committed to keeping Americans connected. We continue to closely monitor developments related to the current outbreak of the Coronavirus. We’re taking the appropriate steps consistent with public health recommendations to safeguard our customers and our employees. Per the CDC, we have to practice Social Distancing and limited hours of operation during this pandemic.


We apologize that you were not able to reach out via phone however you can always connect with us other ways:


We see that you have some concerns about My Verizon. Let's work together to ensure you have the ability to manage your account. When you were attempting to log in via online, you were accessing the site okay, however it was not allowing you to go through verification to log in to your account? Are you understanding our correctly?