Are Fios router parental controls really this bad
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I want to set up some basic web restrictions for a few computers in the house.  Basically, block distracting sites during the week and be less restrictive on weekends.  This seems totally reasonable to me, but is either really difficult or impossible to do. 

1 - You can't do anything on the router and need to use the My Fios App, which is clunky and slow. 

2 - I've set up a profile and added a computer to it.  It is set to the "high" level of restriction with only email, file sharing and search engines allowed.  This seems like the minimal set for schoolwork.   

2a) You can only have a device on a single profile and if you set up a schedule it says " Access will be blocked outside of these hours".   This is really dumb.  You can't separate weekdays and the weekend.   If you have a weekday profile, the computer will be blocked on the weekend.   

2b) Youtube still works at the high restriction level.  I've also tried adding a blocking exception for but youtube still works.   I've tried other sites and the exceptions just don't seem to do anything. 

2c) Nothing ever shows up in Profile Insights, even when I make a blocked exception and then try to go to that site. 

3 - It is not clear if the devices are being managed by their MAC addresses or assigned IPs.  If IPs, this whole thing would get jumbled if the router changes up the local IPs it is serving. 

Am I doing this wrong, or is this just basically worthless?