Can't send MMS on WIFI
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So a search brings up about 750 instances of this question, but no consistent answer or solution. When I'm at home in the Boston suburbs Verizon provides no cellular service, neither data nor voice, so I am 100% reliant on WIFI calling for both voice and text, and of course WIFI for data (why, one might ask, am I paying so much for cellular service?). I wish it were otherwise, but Verizon seems to have no interest in providing a wireless signal to our community.

Apple messenger texts work fine. Voice calls over WIFI work fine to all recipients. MMS and SMS texts to non-iPhone users do not. (SMS sometimes squeaks out if I get a whiff of cellular signal) We've got the latest and greatest upgraded FIOS service.

I'd really like this to work, especially now that we're home all the time. Or at least get a clear answer that it doesn't work and I can stop banging my head on the wall. Seems like many of the threads end with customer support taking the issue off line and no solution is ever reported.  

Does MMS actually work over a WIFI data connection, or not?

If it does, what combination of setting are required to make it happen? Is there a different router port that needs to be enabled for text vs voice? Is there some account setting I haven't set (believe me I've looked!)

The issue is the same on two iphones, an iPad, and the Messages app on my Mac, so at least it's consistent. 

Re: Can't send MMS on WIFI
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As a valued customer, your service concerns are our concerns too. We thank you for providing such detailed information, and we're sorry to hear that you're experiencing signal issues at your home. We'll do everything we can to get this resolved. How long have you been experiencing service issues? You've stated that this is happening while you're inside your home. Are you experiencing service issues while you're outside as well? Have there been any recent changes with your two iPhones and iPad? (e.g., software update, new apps downloaded, etc.) - RobertC_VZW