Disable One Verizon ID
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BEYOND frustrated. Have spent   wasted over 5 hours one the phone and chat trying to get my One Verizon ID disabled between mobile and old FIOS accounts in order to enable with my new FIOS account. Wireless sends me to FIOS, who send me to tech support, who tell me to use the chat in the my verizon app, who then transfer me to the fios app, and nothing gets resolved. Has anyone been able to figure this out? Blows my mind that a technology company cannot have a simple way to do this.

Re: Disable One Verizon ID

Same issue since November 2021. I contacted the Executive Leadership Team, talked to someone, and they assured me the problem would be fixed. I gave up. I tried again yesterday and suffered through another lengthy chat with a rep. He sent me over to a wireless rep, who then wanted to send me back to the Fios rep. I gave up. I found an Executive again and emailed him. Did you get your issue resolved and if so, how?

Re: Disable One Verizon ID
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Same here. This experience has been awful. I am very curious as to what this person had to do: https://community.verizon.com/t5/Verizon-Wireless-Services/One-Verizon-ID-is-not-disabled-when-my-li...