FIOS Mobile Registration different than registration?

In advance of an upcoming move, I logged-in to MyVerizon/ using a username and password that I've had for years. I used the 'moving' UI and set-up triple play service with FIOS at our new address. (Had previously used Verizon just for land-line phone service and a wireless account on an iPad.)

The system allowed me to move my current phone number and I was able to confirm new digital phone, internet and TV service based on the FIOS system, which was confirmed available at our new address. The only thing I needed to talk to a live customer service rep about was paying the install tech to add new TV outlets to the house. All this was completed while logged-in to my Verizon on-line account, as I am now.

At the end of our conversation he said I could download the FIOS Mobile app and start previewing programming services, using the order number and new zip code for our soon-to-be-moved account. I downloaded the app, entered the order no. + zip, and was asked to login or create a new account. The app accepted my login, but then denied access to streaming content with error code HBA_9.

"Invalid Customer. To stream live TV, you must have FIOS TV service. Pleaes try again after ordering these services. You can get more information at"

The order for FIOS service is confirmed and the physical installation scheduled. I have an active account that shows my billing. When I click in the email confirming my new FIOS order, the system auto-logs me in to my current account. Do I need to connect this login to the FIOS system in some way? Cancel this active account in favor of a new one? How will that give me access to my current billing or order information? Am I meant to have TWO Verizon online accounts at the same time?

Something doesn't make sense here. Thanks for any practical advice.

Re: FIOS Mobile Registration different than registration?
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They are seperate and for FIOS services you must NOT use the FIOS Wireless id.  I once had them the same ID and you don't want to know how many problems that caused.  Definitely use a differrent ID.

And that account must be active.  I don't think it is until the install is done.  Certainly I wouldn't what to start paying bills for FIOS TV until its installed.