How do i file corporate complain ?
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  I have been about 2 years with Mobile Verizon  and about year with Fios Verizon .

I Do like my service. Specially when it work.  BUT NOT HAPPY WITH COUSTUMER SERVICE

About 2 weeks from now I decide to move to new house. I did request phone call thought application on my phone on next day August 6 . when I picked up phone   lady  asked what is the reason  you called Verizon  . I were confused  because my phone were ringing . put 2 and 2 together I told her you guys call me to transfer my service   to new address.

 I told and spelled my new address to her(I do have accent  . After she got  right  address right s he asked me to repeat my new address several times and was laughing at me.

I felt insulted.  

After that she told me about I am lucky and can have Verizon on that location. She asked me about extra option is I want to have on my service ( like power protections and other options ) I say what I am happy with what I have . But she told me price $10-$15  more per month . WhenI asked why is that she told me one of my discounts end up after one year. (Later I confirmed it was wrong).  

From begin I were told my price is fixed for 2 years and free transfer to new address if it is available. She could not say which discount end up. Lady  offered me  days to move my service August 9 and August 12. I did not want to pay  more money  for  same service so end call.

I were surprised how  unprofessional she was.

Few days later I request another phone call and talked to one man  ( same way through application on my phone) Told me he calling through verizon due my request. He was very nice and explain what few fees went up and he cannot keep  price the same .

He set up moving date August 20  and set up service and i getting 2 more years locked contract. I asked earliest day because I moved already and he told me if any window shows up I will get phone call.  I did not get any calls on it. I did mention to the guy about my experience about lady.

So my transfer service date was on 20 Augast.

I called Verizon again on august 15 to see if any window open and  I want to cancel my service  on august 15 because I moved to new house and do not use it anymore.

After I spoke to the lady and she could not match price and no open window. I request to speak to manager. And I wanted to share my experience about lady I spoke on August 6.

 After one hours on phone I were  connected    to supervisor.

Lady name Alicia. She listen to me and keep fighting everything I were saying.. I mention what I am paying for service which I do not have right now and cannot even watch tv.. She told me i can use app to watch tv THROUGHT MY  CELLPHONE VERIZION 4G LTE. The joke is I called few days and ordered 4G LTE extender because there is no internet reception on Phone ether.  So she say sorry… When I asked to cancel my service on my old house she mention what my connection day  for new service will move to  august 21!!!

So I have to pay for service 4 extra day if I want to keep august 20 ! She said sorry but she cannot help.

I request to talk someone else. She say no one above her I can talk.  Nice, my one hour got burned.

So..  NO HELP.

And you want me to refer friend ???  I was thinking about before I got this experience.

 I still have   2 different information:

  • I have to transfer all my equipment from old house to new one.
  • Technician will bring all new equipment  and I will have to return old equipment.

PS: Verizion JUST CHARGED ME TODAY FOR 1 month of service… I will stop payment .

Re: How do i file corporate complain ?
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Re: How do i file corporate complain ?

@Anthony_VB wrote:

I guess this is the case

You can contact your states Public Utilities Commission or Public Service Commission via a google search. I would recommend you have have someone who can speak for you on the complaints and or write for you on the complaints.

i gather you are trying to move service? The problem is when moving there may or will be a delay in hooking you up. If you move take your router, set top boxes, extenders if you have them everything that is hooked inside your home. Do not touch the ONT that receives the fiber signal. That can say. This way if verizon shows up with the equipment they can either hook up your previous devices and or use the new ones.

you can always return the equipment back to verizon fios.

You can also contact at the above link which gets you executive escalations.