Mobile Home Discount

I used to have the Mobile + Home Level 3 discount, $10 on wireless and $10 on FIOS. Three months ago, I spoke with a Verizon agent (FIOS side) that told me I could save $25 on my wireless bill since I was switching from Gigabit Internet 1.0 to Gigabit Internet 2.0. The agent told me that he needed to de-enroll me from the mobile home discount, and I would be able to re-enroll again (for a $25 discount on wireless).

It seems that I was de-enrolled from rewards on the wireless side but still enrolled on the FIOS side- where I still received a $10 discount. Online and Verizon app, I have an option to sign-up for mobile home rewards, but I get an error every time.

I called customer service multiple times, and they offered no fix, sending me only useless links. I got a few tickets opened, but no solution for 2.5 months. It is very frustrating and time-consuming, and I kindly ask for a solution to this problem.