New service Visa gift card ($150)
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I am very upset about the inconsistency with the Verizon Fios promotion program that promised a $150 gift card after having service for 60 days. I signed up for new service in August of 2018 and understood that I was to have service for 60 consecutive days, account be in good standing as well and I would be eligible for a $150 Visa gift card. I downloaded the Fios App and when prompted to register for the card, I did. I was able to track the status of my eligibility up until there was an issue with my billing account. Upon calling the promotions department I was told that the "on hold" status of my card was lifted and that I would receive my gift card in 45-60days due to a back order with the card company. I understand that things happen and accepted this, but I also informed the representative that I would call back and check periodically on the status. After a month, I called today to check on the status because the app now shows that my reward/gift card has been cancelled. The initial representative gave the excuse that because I did not click a link in an email that was sent in November! I explained that I called after November and was told that my card was on the way. This issue was passed to the billing supervisor, Pam, who was excellent and called me back after speaking with the promotions department. She explained that my card was manually entered and on the way via US mail.  She also connected me with promotions to speak with someone directly. This is where the major problem took place. Upon speaking with the promotions rep, I was told that I had to wait an additional 45-60 days from today (January 16th) for my gift card, since it was manually entered. After asking about the original call that was placed more than 30 days ago, I was told there was not record of it at first. I then had to ask if calls were recorded and if representatives were required to document the calls and outcomes of the calls. I was told that yes this is supposed to happen. I had to ask for this information to be looked up while I was on the line. After actually looking, he was able to see that I called Decemeber 3rd and a gift card order was placed and I should receive it no later than February 3rd. I feel that this is a process within the company that needs to be improved. The consistency of documentation is very important in customer service. I don't feel that a blanket script should be used when dealing with customers and should be more individualized. I hope that I receive the gift card, for the correct amount of $150, and on time. I was told that if I don't receive it by February 3rd and I call back, this information should be documented in my account. I plan to, however, call back again and check to make sure. I have noticed that there are numerous customers who have expressed through the forum that they have not received their gifts cards of various amounts as well. This is a problem. I believe that you should not promise a reward and not honor that promise. I know that everyone's issue is different, but there are too many who have the same complaint. I enjoy my Verizon Fios services very much and would like to stay a customer of Verizon. Unfortunately, if the inconsistency remains, I may have to depart. I will give Verizon a chance to rectify this matter. I hope that the promotion promise is fulfilled and is not a deceptive or false advertisment. Thank you. 

Re: New service Visa gift card ($150)
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Hi Acole15,

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Please check your Private Message Inbox for a message from Verizon_Support. You can find your Inbox by clicking on your username at the top right corner of this page. Please direct all correspondence concerning your issue to the agents who will be assisting you privately.