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So I wanted to share my experience with the new and improved in some areas at Verizon. My wife and I are returning customers after spending two years accessing cable tv and internet with a competitor. First and foremost there have been some great changes and some very questionable departmental policies. 

I'm going to start with my wife had an account for close to 10 years with both Verizon wireless and Fios. We had our typical issues with an occasional reset the cable box and router. We ran into our normal billing issues back when they combined wireless and cable bills. The best part of that experience was when they split the billing and I couldn't believe the cost savings we lost. I think. It was a bit confusing with how they explained it. 

Anyway, we had moved previous to my latest experience I will get to. We had moved once while a customer of Verizon with minimal issues except I had to buy their router. This was the one before the G1100 router. I'll leave that for another discussion about router tips. So, I thought the next move 5 years after the last one should be better or just as smooth. So I make a call and of course it's a little difficult to get an agent to help with a move. So I decided to use the online tools to move. It looked easy. I set for my move to be a week away and to have my services shut off at one place and turned on the other the next day. I hit submit and a few minutes later my tv and internet went dark. I was like huh? 

We move in after a few phone calls and not much we can do for you your service is off at the old place. 

So I move in and after a couple of days I realize not all my services work and get more and more frustrated with customer service and the retention department. Let me tell you something about how Verizon felt about a customer leaving them at that time. They didn't care. 

Fast forward 2 years and my cable network dropped channels from their lineup with little to no notice to their customers. Helloooooooo I can't watch my local sports teams? So I checked out Verizon cost to cost and for what they're currently offering decided to come back. 

So I did my homework and bought a Verizon Fios router at a huge discount and back up and running. I noticed amazing changes in the technology, My Fios TV App, swiftness of Set Top Box, ease of use all around. Amazing upgrades. 

Moving along. I noticed I couldn't get My Fios TV App to work on the firestick. That's another discussion for tips. I called and spoke to maybe 3 or 4 people and chatted with maybe 3 others. It was a mess how to fix my first problem. It was a mess in the sense not every agent I spoke with had a clear answer or solution except if I pay an additional $20. Hell no. I finally was able to find someone to fix my problem but that caused a billing issue a month later. 

My call with billing department. No issues. They have their act together and are easy to talk to. Fixed my problem and said call back next month if it happens again. 

65th day of service. You know what that means! Gift card redemption time!!! This is where I have noticed a considerable change between departments. This is where Verizon needs massive improvement all around. Zero empathy, no common solutions to the issue at hand, no common sense at all and the only department you can't get a supervisor on the phone or to call you back within a reasonable time. I'm still waiting after 2 requests for someone to call. This department also needs a major upgrade with their technology and capabilities. 

Point of this story is to share frustrations, laughs and the new relationship between us and them. Maybe also to get someone's attention to speak to about how to improve where improving needs.  New and returning customers always get the red carpet treatment, existing customers get gold treatment and customers who are owed something by a specific date are treated with no sense of urgency at all. 

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