Tech Support and Fraudulent Billing

I am writing this to display my dissatisfaction with this company. I recently moved to an apartment wired for FIOS, and set up a new internet account with YoutubeTV. I was excited to get my service up and running, and on the day of activation, received an email to activate my YoutubeTV account (which I did).  However, I soon found that I had no internet. I had opted to use my own router, which I knew was compliant, and tested the service through a direct ethernet connection from my ONT to smart TV with no success. What proceeded has been a weeks' long struggle with your Tech support and Billing Dept. 

After being on the phone for > 1 hour with the automated tech support, I was finally granted a live human. At best, this gentleman was reading from a script. I want to emphasize, at NO POINT during the phone call, I was instructed to connect a computer to the ethernet, and then proceed to a very specific URL to turn on my internet service. I made it a point to emphasize I had tested my service with my Smart TV as I did not have my computer with me at the time. Instead I was told to "try a different ethernet cable" and any manner of otherwise, bread-dead suggestions. Finally it was deemed my problem could not be solved over the phone, and that I needed a live appointment. 

Cut to one week later and two unmasked servicemen show up (in the middle of a pandemic). After deeming my ONT working, they asked if I visited the above URL. What URL? Absolutely no where in the automated emails from Verizon, the MyFIOS mobile app, or the snail mail start up guide, does it say to navigate to the necessary site to activate your account. What I received was a useless walkthrough for a FIOS cable box, and modem that I do not own, or need. I showed this to the two servicemen who did acknowledge that the link was nowhere to be found, and that Verizon has changed the provided literature for its activation kit.

For a < 5 min visit I was charged a: $99 service visit + a fraudulent $99 "rescheduling fee". Verizon should have nipped this in the bud with the first phone call. I initially put in a claim and was reassured I would owe nothing. Cut to two weeks later, and I am being billed for the full amount. I have yet to have a single representative show me where in the provided literature it shows you how to activate the service. There was no reason this should have led to an in person visit. I am not a Verizon Wireless customer, but sure as hell will never be one in the future if this is how you treat your new customers. I am telling my fellow frontline healthcare workers to avoid you like the plague. If you want to make this right, fully refund this visit, and acknowledge you messed up. New customers beware. Even Comcast wasn't this bad.

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Re: Tech Support and Fraudulent Billing


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