Bring Weather Channel Back!!
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Yea, people use apps and other things to get weather info, but The Weather Channel is So Much More!! Besides the personalities (Sam Champion, Jim Cantore, Stephanie Abrams, etc), there's awesome shows!!! My husband and I love The Strangest Weather shows!!! And the ones about Space and Planets are truly amazing!! And on the regular weather shows, they teach so much science in a way that anyone can understand-- it's a wonderful educational tool!! Lastly, when there's any kind of storm going on, TWC gives the best coverage and we are glued to our tv! Pleeeeease give us back our Weather Channel! We've had Verizon forever-- but will drop it if they don't renew TWC contract! We pay a fortune every month for their service, and we Expect to receive The Weather Channel!!
Re: Weather Channel
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Although I don't watch the Weather Channel regularly, this is just another example of shareholders driving companies for more dividends. I'm sure now that Verizon is saving money by not renewing the TWC contract, we will all get a reduction in our monthly bill.  As a new Verizon subscriber, I find more and more services that were promised and not delivered.  (ex. having to pay for On Demand reruns....really??)  I'm starting to regret moving from Comcast..

Re: Disappointment in Verizon
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Have you tried The Weather Channel's web site, ?  Radar and other information is easily available anytime you want it.  No need to wait for it to come around on the 8's, or whatever time they show it.

The map on the web site can easily be zoomed and moved to show the area of interest.  Past and future are easily seen.  The weather app on iThings works great.

I use and the weather app everyday.  I can't remember the last time I tuned to The Weather Channel.


Re: The Weather Channel
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This morning I woke up and turned on TWC, or so I thought. I hate to break this to you Verizon but ACCUWEATHER sucks. Also TWC has some very good shows, and let us not forget the best coverage ever for weather events. This is solely a greedy decision and one where you did not take into account what the viewer wanted or wants.


I renewed my FIOS TV 4 weeks ago. If I had known then that you were going to cancel TWC I would had not renewed. Will be sitting down with my wife tonight and the discussion will be if we should pay the cancellation fee and go elsewhere after years of being a loyal customer.


You screwed up Verizon. But something tells me you really do not care as your loyalty is to your stockholders, and not your customers.



Re: The Weather Channel
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Very poor decision Verizon!  The Weather Channel is more than just a weather report.  Not a happy Verizon customer right now.  What can we do to reverse this decision?  Comcast carries The Weather Channel.  Just thought I'd put that out there.

Re: The Weather Channel
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Yes, I agree that dropping The Weather Channel for Accuweather appears to be a poor decision.

I do however have one complaint regarding the Wether Channel's use of very load background "music". I like to preview the nex day's weather at night (~11PM) or the day's weather before leaving for work (~7AM). The background music during the "Weather on the 8s" and the Weather Scan channel are way too loud. It should be lower than the volume of the weather 'reporters'.

My three-year contract expires in May and I will likely switch to another 'cable' provider rather than pay $40 more per month for less!


Disappearance of Weatherscan (Channel 49)
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Channel 49 is our major source of local weather information and we watch it frequently. It is invaluable in tracking the often unstable weather we have, particularly in the upcoming spring months. The garbage channel 119 AccuWeather that Verizon proposes to substitute is totally unacceptable. Time to check out Charter's options. Another example of corporate greed, no doubt, and a massive failure to consult the customer.

Bring Back The Weather Channel!!!
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Really disappointed that FIOS has dropped The Weather Channel so I hope you'll bring it back soon. AccuWeather totally sucks!!!

Re: Disappearance of Weatherscan (Channel 49)
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I am also very upset about this.  We check Weatherscan everyday to determine what the weather  will be that day and current temp.  More importantly, this is a PUBLIC SAFETY issue.   People rely on the radar to show upcoming severe weather approaching and for  t-storm, tornado warnings etc.  During a  recent day long snowstorm, the radar was extremely valuable in knowing when the storm would be clearing us so we could go out, clear out driveway, etc. I am very nervous about driving in any bad weather, so I heavily rely on the live radar to know when there is a safe window to go out.  There is NO substitute for live radar anywhere else (insufficient on computer, phone app etc).   I am so upset and plan to post my complaints everywhere!!

Re: The Weather Channel
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I want the Weather Channel Back. I will be checking my Fios contract today and if I am not locked in I will be switching to cable. AccuWeather is an absoutely useless substitute. Shame on Verizon is not giving us any advanced warning untill csome subscribers got an email today. For a weather geek like me the morning cup of coffee and TWC has been a morning ritual for over a decade.