The worst Customer Experience

Let me start by saying, I very very rarely ever spend the time to complain about a company. The way this company has treated me is beyond belief.

First I sign up for the gigabyte connection on a Monday night 10/26/20 with a install date for Tuesday 10/27/20. When the technician gets to my home, he is not even wearing a uniform and rings my ring doorbell. My wife talks to him on there asking if she can help him and just says "Nope". She says "So I cannot help you?"  He then reply's he is from fios and will be doing the install. While doing the install he says that where my modem is currently with xfinity that he would not be able put it there. He gave nothing but attitude over the phone when asking questions on why it could not be put there. I tell him that he can put it where he is saying and that I will run the wires to where my current modem is because it is next to my desktop computer. No point in getting new internet if you cant use it.. He then gets back to work but asks my wife to show him how to open our manual garage doors. All you do is twist the handle and pull up. He broke one of our garage doors and it is off the track. He continues doing the install very sloppy. Wires just tangling all around, nothing stapled. The technician just UP AND LEFT MID INSTALL. DIDNT LET MY WIFE KNOW OR ANYTHING! When he left she thought maybe he had to run out for a part but he left all of my doors open. The only reason I found out that he was not coming back is because of an automated text being sent out to me stating that my new appointment is Wednesday.

I call fios immediately on my way home from work after my wife tells me everything. The first person I talked to said that he was going to transfer me right to a manager and if they do not pick up that it would call me back in 5 mins. After getting transferred it had prompted to pick a time for someone to call me back. I was still under the impression that I would be speaking with a manager. This was not the case, it transferred me to a call center in philly. She opened a ticket and told me a manager would call me in 24 hours. I said okay fine, it makes sense that it wouldn't be immediate.

So I wait the 24 hours and schedule the next install for Saturday 10/31/20 to hopefully fix all of the issues that are going on.

On Thursday i reach out to the social media team to find out that my ticket was automatically closed and that I would have to open a new one. This time they tell me that it would be 24 to 48 hours.

Saturday comes and I get all of the texts confirming my appointment time and day. While in the time window that the appointment was, I decide to check to see how far he was away. The app says "Your appointment has been delayed please call 1800verizon" So I call and the person on the phone ends up getting me back on schedule for the Saturday and she also transfers me over to the technical repair team to submit a claim for the garage door. While on the phone with him the appointment gets rescheduled again. So I ask him to look into it. First he says that it got rescheduled because of the weather. Than he goes on hold and says he is talking to someone and tells me it has to do something with covid in my area. I say okay and I rescheduled for Tuesday. Meanwhile I am chatting with social media team who just said that there is no technician availability. So I do not know what story to believe there.

Tuesday comes and I have my wife home again for the install. Two trucks show up. One leaves after being outside for 3 mins. My wife sees him leave and waives down the other guy before he leaves. That guys says that he shouldnt of even been scheduled here because some box was not installed/fixed in my neighborhood. He than claims that his boss would personally call me tomorrow. 

On Thursday 11/3/2020, I still do not receive a call. So I reach out again to see what is going on. I talk to a customer support rep who gets me to her supervisor. Dan the supervisor put a ticket in and personally emailed the manager that would need to talk to me. Over the phone we schedule for someone to come out on Saturday 11/7/2020 and I asked him to follow up with me on saturday to see if the install actually happens.

On Saturday, Once again the same thing happens. I get all the texts confirming my appointment and when it comes time for the install, it goes to a prompt saying my install is delayed and that i need to call and reschedule. Dan did follow up and call me but he said he would email it again and put it under urgent.

Well tonight Monday 11/9/2020, I go to check my ticket status and once again. IT was closed. I have not received a call from a manager. I have wires dangling around in my house. Wires are ran near my heating system. There are exposed wires where a box used to be in my garage. AND my garage door is broken. But fios cant even give me a call

Re: The worst Customer Experience

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