VMS 4100 Resolution issues
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After upgrading to the VMS4100 I noticed the picture quality is degraded on my TV. It looks as if the box is attempting to upscale the channels to 4k and the result is a blurry picture that looks worse than my older STB

Here are the troubleshooting steps I took to try to resolve this issue:

Cycled through different resolution settings 1080p 30hz, 60hz , 2160p 30hz , 60hz in the diagnostics menu. Picture quality was the same ( tested during a BeIN Sports soccer match ) . Only the STB Guide resolution changed in this process 

Cycled through the same resolution settings , but while connected to the 30hz HDMI port on my TV ( Vizio D55-D2 ) instead of the 60hz port. No difference

Enabled 1080P passthrough - no difference

YouTube / Netflix app on the VMS4100 display flawless 1080p and 4k content with no issues on all HDMI ports on my television 

The new STBs offer a smoother channel / menu that makes FIOS watchable. The previous guide was slow and frustrating , so I’m reluctant to switch back however this quality issue is driving me crazy. Has anyone resolved this issue? 

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Re: VMS 4100 Resolution issues
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Most likely the edid information is lost or misread by vms4100. Try zerone edid minder to set it to the correct resolution. Even though you set in the diagnostics menu vms will override it based on the data it reads.

Also to note Verizon asks to take all hdmi off of the edid sink or TV during setup I think because of this issue.

Re: VMS 4100 Resolution issues
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When you change resolution in the service menu, does the info or display button on your TV show a change in resolution from 1080 to 2160? Is the input the box is plugged into on the TV set to enhanced mode or whatever Vizio uses for 4K?