When Will Verizon Get this Resolved?

When will Verizon get this resolved......It seems that Verizon cannot handle their customer load or service the customers in a timely fashion that is acceptable to the customer. Customers are paying for premium service...should be receiving premium service.

Since starting triple play in December 2014:

1. Could not rent or purchase movies ON DEMAND. Took Verizon until February to fix this issue. I contacted Verizon close to 10 different times. Each time becoming more frustrating, having to spend 1-3 hours on phone with rep. answering the same questions from the previous 9 calls. Then the Verizon rep. (mgmt included) advises you they will call you back. And no call back, Ugh

2. The MY FIOS app has gone from bad to worse. First cannot load WiFi credentials since December 2014. Since last update on app.,I cannot log into to MY FIOS on iphone or iPad.

I cannot wait until my contract is up.....