Worse customer service and tech support ever, let’s not forget the “dispatch center”
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Let’s start by saying that This is the worse company ever, with the worse customer service ever, as stated by many others here....

 Why? Thank you for asking, here we go

Got home and found the police on the block picking up some cables on the streets that seemed to have broken from the post, after entering the house realized my VERIZON internet wasn’t working, called in , explained what I saw on the streets and after troubleshooting they said

-a tech ha to go out, and you may be charged for the repairs they have to do depending on what the issue may be $99

to what I replied saying 

-no, unless I’m responsible for the cables on the floor on the streets.

to what they reply

-I will suggest you to get an insurance plan, (LOL)

after rejecting their insurance proposal, the process kept going, a technician was sent out the next day, next day came technician arrived rang the bell and asked the person inside what happened on the back of the house, they went outside to see zip ties on the floor and cables out of place, to what the person  replied to the technician 

-I don’t know

so the tech kept going from there, the tech was there for a while, another two VERIZON trucks arrived at the house, 3 technicians on site, they had to put a new wire from the post to the house, after 3 hours the techs left, we thought they had gotten out for lunch because the Internet wasn’t working, several hours later, they never came back. Received and email saying the following:

Sorry we missed you today.

As a result, we closed your repair ticket. If you’re still experiencing trouble, you can create a new repair ticket at verizon.com/support after you’ve completed the troubleshooting steps.

For future needs, we'd like to give you some options for quickly troubleshooting issues at your convenience.

Our support tool allows you to quickly diagnose, fix and report any service troubles. You can access it online or via the My Fios™ app.

Please click here to provide feedback about this message.

sorry we missed you? Yes, that’s what the email said.

they came fixed the others people internet and not ours. 

Of course at that point I was upset and called in again,
you know the drill waiting and waiting on line, listening to the 5 minutes announcement before being able to choose an option and so on, got through with someone, after explaining the situation the lady on the phone said,

-well, were you in the house 

     -no, I had to pay someone to stay because I needed this internet up and running ASAP

-well the bill is under your name you have to be at the house when they arrive,

    -WHAT? what did you just say, what happened with make sure someone over 18 or 21 years old is at home and able to answer the door? I was never told I had to be at the house they said “someone”

no the account holder 

“nice try “ 

she didn’t have an answer after that and said we have to reschedule, to what I replied 

   -no , someone has to come in today I have waited enough since yesterday and the problem still not fixed, but she said she said there were no techs available at the time (3pm or so)

so I requested to speak to a higher rank representative , she said -they will tell you the same thing I’m telling you now, and I said -I’m willing to hear it again, 

after waiting for quiet a while about 30 min or so guess what happened? 
yeah, yeah, the call mysteriously dropped, yeah is a mystery how it always happens ......

now you know the drill again the all process again, got through with someone and after explaining the situation he understood, checked some stuff in the system went to get a manager, after waiting for a few minutes 15 or so he said what’s a good call back number? Provided the number and he said the manager will call you back after he’s done with the other customers he’s attending, to what I replied 

- no, no, no, I’ll wait on the phone, as I have waited, I’ll not hang up

- okay I’ll be right back he said, 

after coming back he said, I have recorded your information and the manager or supervisor will be giving you a call back shortly

- no I said, I have been waiting since yesterday for this issue to be resolved, and still going on, I have been on the phone for hours and with you alone 1:45 min or so, it’s only fair that I wait on the phone with you because it’s my turn , I went through the process and now I have you on the phone and I’m not hanging up, however, if you want to hang up you can go ahead and hang up, I won’t be surprised if  it happens again, I’ll just have to call again.

he said

-that’s not the way we conduct business, 

-yes it is, that’s what I recently experienced.

-he said sorry for the inconvenience I’ll be right back

after waiting and waiting and waiting , he said

-okay the supervisor told me he’s ready to call you know I have your number on file you just have to hang up

- I laughed and said WHAT?  

- he kind of laughed to and said yes he’s going to call right back as soon as you hang up, 

- you know how funny that’s sounds? 

- yes, I can understand......

he said. And then explained he’s working from home, and there’s no way to transfer..........

he sounded very convincing, I said okay, I’ll hang up if I don’t get a call right away I’ll just cal, back. After hanging up to my surprise they called back, and it was a supervisor.

explained the situation again, and he said the same the same thing the lady said but gave me the earliest time they had 8-10 am the lady has said before 1:30 - 3:30pm I told the supervisor that and also That I got a message saying 8-10 am like he said but also another one that said 1:30- 3:30 pm he said, 

-were you given a ticket number ? 

- no. 

- the one I’m looking at says 8 to 10am so they will be arriving at that time, 

- okay

I said, and asked who’s responsible for the techs not doing their job and lying about someone not being in the house, the supervisor replied 

-I apologize and sorry for the inconvenience, but we will arrive tomorrow Get the issue resolved, 

- will it get resolved? Can you guarantee that the same thing that happened today won’t happen again tomorrow, can you guarantee the problem will get resolved?

after saying a lot of things he said

-no, but the technician will not leave until your Internet is up and running,

-they weren’t suppose to leave today and they did all 3 trucks and the issue didn’t get resolved.

He Apologize and said they will be there tomorrow between 8 and 10 am.

That was the “manager timing “ but the lady said 1:30 - 3:30pm 

my text messages say the same thing 1:30- 3:30pm and 8 - 10am

how could that happen, I’ll tell you, they call it VERIZON.

I asked about the money I had to pay ($350) for someone to stay at home, who’s gonna be held accountable for you guys coming to the house and lying about someone not coming to the door when they rang the bell.......

-well we don’t handle that, the  billing Department will be the one to help you with that

Of course got in contact with billing, To make long story short

 they  first representative said I can’t  do that, a supervisor came and said

-I promise you I can’t do that and I don’t anybody can reimburse you $350, why did you pay that much? And I see you are about the get charged $99 for the tech visit

- it would cost me more to go another day without internet than paying the $350,

he said okay but that’s your expense, not Verizon’s, to what I replied 

- if the issue would have gotten resolved today it wouldn’t be a problem, so it didn’t and you guys said there was no one at the house, so you guys are held accountable for what your technicians didn’t do, today and have to wait another day now. 

he said

- I can’t reimburse those $350 

- well get me someone who can 

- I would have to send an email and have someone contact you and it could take 2 weeks for them to see it and another 2 for them to reply to you.

I said okay I’m  willing to wait, he did all that ( I think, didn’t get confirmation and he said there was none just had to take his word for it)  and I’m waiting......

(The neighbors came and explained what had happened earlier a cement truck had passed by and broken the wires...) 

 Next day finally came, woke up early and waited my self for the tech, 

Want to know at what time the tech arrived ?
Supervisor’s time? or representative’s time? 
yeah yeah yeah 

representative’s time, At 12 I called in again to find out, the lady on the phone said 1:30 to 3:30 I said no, Supervisor’s time was 8 to 10 please get me one on te phone, okay after waiting and waiting, she said I have taken the information and the supervisor will call you back when they get a chance,

- no, I said I’ll wait for the supervisor to become available, 

hold on she said, and came back saying the same thing, explained my frustration and said not, I’ll stay here until, they are available and asked her in how long would they call? 

 she said hold on, after awhile she came back and said the name of the supervisor and stated that he will call in 5 minutes. I said okay if I don’t  get A call, I’ll call back in a few minutes.

The guy called 9 minutes later and said there was no reason why they weren’t here between 8 and 10, his system said that as well, and he couldn’t tell why they weren’t here at that time, but that I was nexts on line, “ of course going back and forward with y’all it’s been 2 hours already, 

the technician was on his way to the house and we are no waiting to see what’s going to happen this story is


Re: Worse customer service and tech support ever, let’s not forget the “dispatch center”
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Re: Worse customer service and tech support ever, let’s not forget the “dispatch center”
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Just did let’s see, thanks